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Our container designs are site specific and intended to provide the wow factor for your space. Our style tends to be bold. We use succulents in our designs as often as possible. We love their sculptural interest and amazing textures…very few plants can provide the drama of a succulent. Tropicals...
Latest entries
Fine Gardening (June 2014)

Fine Gardening (June 2014)

Fine Gardening (June, 2014) 2013 Container Design Challenge Winner
Denver Life (May/June 2013)

Denver Life (May/June 2013)

Denver Dirty Girls in Denver Life (May/June 2013)
5280 Home (Summer 2013)

5280 Home (Summer 2013)

Denver Dirty Girls in 5280 Home (Summer 2013)
Fine Gardening (June 2013)

Fine Gardening (June 2013)

Fine Gardening (June, 2013) 2012 Container Design Challenge Finalist
Mom-Preneur Market Event

Mom-Preneur Market Event

Sheila and I had the opportunity to showcase our goods at an event dedicated just to Moms. A local Denver school was filled to the brim with creative Moms and their handcrafted products. We had a fantastic time sharing our knowledge and take on container gardening with the members of the community that came to...
Open Days Garden Tour

Open Days Garden Tour

It was not only an honor for Sheila to be asked to be part of the Open Days tour this summer, but a lot of work! Her gardens are amazing, but with that comes a lot of blood, sweat and tears. Well, hopefully not too many tears, but with all of her cacti and succulents,...
"The Winner is ... Hopefully!"

“The Winner is … Hopefully!”

This Container Design Challenge entry looks like a winner to me. The theme: Foliage. The goal: to beat my Mom, who’s a two time winner. Using 5 different (non-flowering) plants to compete in this contest I was going for visual drama and low maintenance. — Laurel
"Who Says a Rooftop Has To Be Boring?"

“Who Says a Rooftop Has To Be Boring?”

This clean lined, metal container was screaming for some texture. Using a combination of agaves and assorted succulents, we were able to create a one of a kind look for our client. The strong winds on their fourth story rooftop terrace limited our selections, but in no way did it disturb these hardy specimens.
"High Drama in an Unlikely Location"

“High Drama in an Unlikely Location”

This is by far our most dramatic set of containers to date. The sculptural quality of  the yuccas contrasted by the textures and colors of the coleus and lysimachia make quite a statement 11 stories above the city.  
"A Laughable Amount of Plants Crammed and Jammed"

“A Laughable Amount of Plants Crammed and Jammed”

Beautiful foliage and blooms does not equal a high maintenance nightmare. This trio of pots overlooking the Denver skyline is a perfect example of that. These glazed bronze pots are jam packed with gorgeous perennials and annuals made to leave to little work for the homeowner.  
"Thriller, Filler, and Spiller"

“Thriller, Filler, and Spiller”

Three words to live by for a drop dead gorgeous container… thriller, filler and spiller. When designing a container, we always start our challenge by selecting the thriller, which in this case is an Agave desmettiana ‘Variegata’. Once we’ve found the first piece to the puzzle, we seek out the filler element. In this instance...
"Our Approach"

“Our Approach”

One of our favorite techniques is called “cram it and jam it”, which gives our clients the instant gratification they expect from our designs. This container features some amazing succulents and tropicals that are loving their life in Boulder, Colorado.