Our container designs are site specific and intended to provide the wow factor for your space. Our style tends to be bold. We use succulents in our designs as often as possible. We love their sculptural interest and amazing textures…very few plants can provide the drama of a succulent. Tropicals often find a home in the combinations we create because of their striking colors and varied leaf shapes. We also use annuals, perennials, edibles… and We’ve even been known to use a bush or two.

When we shop for our clients, We look for unusual combinations, generally built around a unique focal plant. Our containers can be lush and soft or structurally bold… many times they are a bit of both. We always go for high impact. Every plant will be hand picked for you and your space.

If you want to make a statement with your containers, then contact us at Denver Dirty Girls. We can either work with your existing pots, or provide containers with the shape, size and color that will enhance your space…a large container will always make the impact you are looking for.

— Sheila Schultz & Laurel Startzel, Denver Dirty Girls